New L.A. Dies Single!

On Friday, November 29th, we are dropping the new L.A. Dies maxi-single! “Tend To Do” is the second official cut to be featured from the four-piece’s spectacular LP, “Drifting Still“. HSAL fans can the entire release here prior to the 29th!

At the album’s release back in September, we reached out to HSAL friends & family about the possibility of reworking one of the tunes. Multiple responses were that the track would have to be “Tend To Do”. For this maxi-single, which clocks in at roughly 18 minutes, the single proper is paired with remixes from Tracy Shedd (ex-Band & The Beat), Benjamin Mauch (Colin Phils) & Opin (who are currently mixing down their new LP).

The single comes across like a long-lost remnant from the last Cocteau Twins album. Slithering bass lines that work around programmed rhythms with a vocal delivery that earns allure as it escapes translation. Each of the remixes lean into the ethereal space trapped within the original. Tracy Shedd & Opin both find themselves working with processed percussive elements to augment the tune. Ben Mauch’s redux is floats away from the base, landing at an authentic recreation.

Listening Party!

Circle” (created by Stefanie Murza)

We’re throwing a listening party for the new L.A. Dies album! Come out to Speakertree the night before the Harding & Main Music Fest (Friday, 09/27) & hear “Drifting Still” in its entirety for the FIRST TIME! We’ll also premiere the GORGEOUS video for “Circle” (created by Stefanie Murza). Oh, all attendees will be entered into a drawing for a signed test copy of the LP! SEE YOU THERE…