Established in the fall of 2009, HSAL is a small, physical media based label based in Lynchburg Virginia. Our goal is to bring some attention to the music that lives & frequents south central Virginia. Releases will include both talent local to our town & the surrounding towns & friends that have been made on tour stops, art shows, & over the internet.

…So, it’s standard for any small record label upstart worth its salt to inform the public of its intentions in regards to demos. Here’s where we stand:

  • We are interested in the goings on around the mid-Atlantic region (you know who you are), & would have no issue per se with receiving a cleverly thought out presentation. That said, we are scraping by for the time being, & really don’t have any extra cash for supporting those we don’t know personally.
  • If you have checked out our records (a HUGE plus in our eyes), & you think your sound compliments our vibe, get in touch with us electronically (hardingstreet at gmail dot com). Let’s talk…
  • On a completely selfish front, we are probably going to be more interested in working with you if we feel like we owe you because you have:
    • booked our bands in your town
    • helped get our records on the shelves of your favorite record shop
    • put our bands up for the night while they were on tour
    • blew our minds while sharing the stage with one of our bands

Well, that’s about it. should you care to reach out to us after reading through this, we look forward to meeting you & yours.