It’s been a difficult year for so many of us. It’s been a season of isolation, desperation, investigation, determination, and the list keeps on going…

We here at HSAL wanted to remind you that all is not lost. Know that you are not alone. Know that as long as there is a spark of hope in your heart, the fight for living life (not just existing, but really LIVING) isn’t over.

Consider the sounds we have helped to birth this year as our humble accompaniment to everything you are feeling. A reminder that there are people in this world who are still pushing things from deep within themselves out in to the light.

  • HSAL #58: honeybrandy, “Deaton Forestbrook”
  • HSAL #57: Various Artists, “Isolation”
  • HSAL #52: Graven Image, “Wayfaring Stranger”

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