HSAL, by Ben Mauch

As we inch closer & closer to our HUGE TEN YEAR ANNIVERSARY EVENT, we thought it would be interesting to connect with people who have been with us through various seasons. These may be artists we’ve worked with or simply friends of the label who have watched us grow.

This time around, we caught up with Ben Mauch, who not only turns heads with his solo work, but as the drummer for Richmond-based post-rock outfit Colin Phils. We asked him a handful of questions & here’s what he had to share:

Mauch performing in Greenville NC, 2018. (PC: HSAL)

When was the first time you heard about HSAL?

I first heard about HSAL when I was in college around 2010. I was living with a bunch of people on Yeardley Ave. in Lynchburg that were involved with the band Alaska (HSAL #10). I eventually met Nathan and Joe somewhere around town.

How has HSAL connected with you personally over the years (either as a fan or an artist)?

HSAL has always been a constant source of interesting music for me, and I always look forward to listening to the releases that come out. As an artist, HSAL has pushed me to create meaningful work that I feel can have a lasting effect on a listener, and I am proud to be a part of the community.

What do you think HSAL has meant to “the scene”?

HSAL is a big part of the western Virginia music scene and is important to Virginia overall, because of the aesthetic of the music and the DIY nature of it all.

Which two or three HSAL releases would you use to recommend the label to a friend?

Oahu‘s “Slow Waves and Simple Sounds“, Opin‘s “Drifters“, and Alaska‘s “Alaska“.