HSAL Art (2x2 150 dpi)

(Joanna McGlothlin in her domestic workspace)

02/17/20: Joanna’s been busy of late! A couple of multi-week sessions this winter have gone splendidly. This weekend, she’ll be teaching a two-hour session at the Academy Center. This session, starting at 10:00 AM, will focus on gelatin plate printing. Seats for the session are $30 with limited space still available. Registration is due by Wednesday, 02/19. You can secure your seat for this class here!

Some of the work created by past attendees!

11/04/19: Last weekend, several of Joanna’s pieces were used in conjunction with a focused prayer event at Grace Church in Lynchburg VA. She has decided to add some of these canvases to her offerings this fall. Look for her at the Ivy Collective Magazine launch party on the 9th over at Speakertree, where she will be selling works as we sling records!

One of Joanna’s “Identity” pieces presented at Grace Church, 11/01/19.

Joanna will be returning to the Academy Center of the Arts in the new year. She’ll be teaching another class on mixed media painting. This will be a four-week course beginning on Monday, 01/27. Each week, students will explore various media layers & techniques while constructing a unique vision for their canvas. Interested parties should sign up for the class here. Registration is due by Wednesday, 01/22.

08/24/19: Over the past month, Joanna has taught a mixed media class at the Academy Center of the Arts. Response was uniformly positive & plans are being made for future offerings. Up next, she will participate in “The Big Draw” – an arts education charity that promotes visual literacy and the universal language of drawing as a tool for learning, expression and invention. Joanna will be among the artists offering two-hour courses in various techniques. The Lynchburg event will happen on Saturday, October 12th. Registration is available here (due by September 25th).

04/19/19: This weekend, Joanna’s tomb sculptures (see below) will be on display as part of a Passion Week installation at Grace Church. The “reflective walk-thru” is a pair of multi-room exhibitions focusing on various elements around the final days of Jesus Christ. Also featured in this installation is Richmond based illustrator Jared Boggess, who is a long-time friend of HSAL. The exhibits are open this weekend, with select pieces remaining in the church’s collection after Easter.

Joanna Tomb (4 x 4 300)

10/01/18: Last month, the music group at Grace Church (Lynchburg VA) released an album. A couple of commissioned pieces that Joanna created were used as the cover art. Both original pieces are currently on display at the Grace building.

Later this month, Joanna will be featured at our merch tent during the Lynchstock Music Festival. She’s created a special edition of drum head prints akin to the work she did for the festival back in 2016. All prints purchased at the festival will come with a CD copy of HSAL #44!

07/30/17: Last week, Joanna took HSAL art on the road! On the shores of the Adriatic Sea, Joanna spent time with the music team from Grace Church working with missionary families from across Europe.

HSAL Art In Slovenia (150)

(Supplies & some participant submissions from Joanna’s Europe sessions)

Facilitating two sessions, she walked scores of people through simple inspiration exercises. She also introduced collage & print techniques. Joanna looks to continue this work in partnership with those she connected this summer.

04/12/17: Joanna recently completed a very special piece for the Grace Church community. Entitled “Spirit & The Bride” (& inspired by a song written by the Grace Church musicians), the piece seeks to visualize several details from the last two chapters of the Bible.

JOANNA - Spirit & The Bride (4 x 4 150 DPI)

To create her vision of a “new heaven”, she employed several techniques, including collage, gelli print, & model building. It will be on display at Grace Church for the remainder of the spring (& perhaps, into the summer months).

09/18/16: A week from today, (Sunday, 09/25), Joanna will be the guest instructor for a Gelli printing class at the Gypsy Art Bar in Wyndhurst. She will walk attendees through the use of Gelli plates & simple stencil work to add inventive new layers in existing art journals. The Gypsy Art Bar will provide hardcover books for those just getting started.

08/15/16: A couple of updates from the HSAL art camp! First off, if you haven’t seen it yet, our latest release, HSAL #29, features some of Joanna’s gelli collages as the the artwork theme. We felt like it really represented the “split” nature of the cassette. Joanna will also return to the seasonal theme this fall. Look for her trademark “Norman Rockwell through a 21st century internet browser” filter to make it’s way to a new Etsy shop. It may also begin popping up around Lynchburg as the days get shorter.

04/25/16: Lyncstock 2016 was WONDERFUL! Joanna’s visual concept went over huge, with tons of positive feedback around the Discover stage backdrop banners & the custom bass drum head (see below).

HSAL Art Lynchstock (4x4 150)

She created a handful of clocks out of old drum heads as well. They are in assorted sizes with the same look & feel of her recent work with gelli prints. She should have something up online about them in the coming days.  Oh, Joanna also created the block letters that adorn the cover of our latest release, HSAL #28.

03/07/16: Throughout 2016, Joanna is working on an extended series of prints using gelli plates. To date, she has created a few hundred pieces of numerous shapes & sizes, mostly on paper or canvas. Our goal is to work out an exhibit for some of the pieces that seem to work together thematically. HSAL is currently using these prints to assemble the backdrop for one of the stages at this year’s Lynchstock Music Festival. We are SUPREMELY THRILLED at the prospect of Joanna’s work photobombing pics of everyone’s favorite bands…

01/11/16: We asked Joanna to take part in our “Last Year” survey where we asked HSAL friends & family what pushed their creative buttons in 2015. Here is what she submitted.

01/01/16: Joanna was commissioned by Grace Church for a few different pieces throughout 2015. She also showed a few of her larger mixed media pieces at last month’s LynchBRRR festival. Her most recent fixation has been color gelli prints. She created wrapping paper for the holidays & has begun working with different shapes & patterns. To see images of Joanna’s gelli work, follow her on instagram.

11/09/14: HUGE THANKS to everyone who came by Joanna’s booth at the Vintage Lynchburg expo on Saturday! HSAL Art went over big, especially with all the kids walking by. They were drawn in by all the neat colors & shapes (it didn’t hurt that the display was short enough to be eye level for most boys & girls). Joanna still has some inventory from the expo & will be posting many pieces for sale online through Etsy. Stay tuned for official online shop directions. Oh, rumor has Joanna putting some of her pieces in a few shops around Lynchburg in the coming days as well…

10/11/14: While we certainly have our fingers in Virginia’s sonic cookie jar, we also (from time to time) celebrate visual art. Joanna McGlothlin is our house designer & has been creating for years. She’s been called on to produce interesting visual pairings for our records. She has also been commissioned by locals for different projects. Our personal favorite is her mixed media work. Her most recent work, much of which will be available for purchase at our hometown’s “Vintage Lynchburg” art expo (Sat, 11/8), can be seen here.