Saturday, 09/28 @ The Academy Center, Downtown Lynchburg!

The word is out! We’ve partnered with the Academy Center Of The Arts to throw a huge party in celebration of 10 years & 50 (!!!) releases. Many folks have worked hard to ensure this thing is the stuff of legend – from the super reasonable ticket prices to the crazy talented bill. In keeping with our “unique” aesthetic, the stage will boast indie rock, jazz, hop-hop, & other more genre-bending vibes. Not sure about all the acts that we’ve brought together? No worries – we’ve provided an overview of the entire shindig artist by artist as well as this nifty playlist:

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  • SET: 230P
  • SOUND: Mathematical prog-pop tunes with lots of swing
  • RIYL: Joan Of Arc, The Six Parts Seven, The Mercury Program
  • HOMEBASE: Lynchburg VA
  • WHY THEM? Easily the youngest act on the bill & not just due to age. When you witness the rather intricate time changes this three-piece weaves into each piece, your mind will not accept that they have only been together for little more than a year. After catching them open for TLVS in January, we felt compelled to invite this crew to our party!

  • SET: 325P
  • SOUND: Rock & Pop & Twee & Twang & Boogie
  • RIYL: The Kinks, Sonny & The Sunsets, New Boss
  • HOMEBASE: Lynchburg VA
  • WHY THEM? Given his penchant for “hustle”, it would be hard to imagine anyone hip to Old Dominion underground rock not being at least aware of Parker Emeigh. His debut EP (a split release b/t HSAL & Infinite Repeats) has been winning fans since it dropped in February. As you can see in the video below, the Hill City is completely bought in…

  • SET: 420P
  • SOUND: Groovy, dark electronic rock
  • RIYL: Early New Order, Grizzly Bear, Lust For Youth
  • HOMEBASE: Richmond VA
  • WHY THEM? Frontman Landis Wine has been a friend of the label since its inception. Prior to this project, Landis & Tori were part of White Laces, who we were fortunate enough to work with across a handful of releases. In 2018, our paths crossed again with a one-sided 12″ that we released in time for their east coast tour.

  • SET: 515P
  • SOUND: Moody. vocal-free rock music
  • RIYL: Mogwai, Do Make Say Think
  • HOMEBASE: Lynchburg VA
  • WHY THEM? The Late Virginia Summers (TLVS) have been a part of HSAL since day one (the 2nd release ever was a TLVS 7″). This past decade has found them trading shows with many of the bands on this festival. The trio are currently writing their proper follow-up to 2015’s “I Can Dream All Day“. Good money is on them playing all new sounds at the festival.

  • SET: 610P
  • SOUND: Clever, super cute pop tunes
  • RIYL: The Smiths, Teenage Fanclub, Real Estate
  • HOMEBASE: Richmond VA
  • WHY THEM? We have been completely enamored with these folks since their 2016 cassette, “Zona” (their self-titled 12″ from last year is even better if that’s possible). With the concept of celebrating quality acts from the Commonwealth being part & parcel to all things HSAL, including Young Scum was a complete no-brainer.

  • SET: 705P
  • SOUND: Supremely dreamy indie rock
  • RIYL: The Cranberries, DIIV, Middle Kids
  • HOMEBASE: Lynchburg VA
  • WHY THEM? The most recent addition to the HSAL family. With the upcoming LP (set to release at THIS FESTIVAL), L.A Dies ratchet up the reverb, the delay & the swoon. The result is something that would feel at home on modern rock radio this fall or twenty-five years ago. HSAL is delighted to present the latest chapter in central Virginia’s maturing underground rock story.

  • SET: 820P
  • SOUND: Real-life bars written by deep thoughts
  • RIYL: MF Doom, Kool Keith, Future
  • HOMEBASE: Richmond VA
  • WHY HIM? We’re super nerdy – we spend hours scouring sites like bandcamp in search of interesting acts from across the Commonwealth. Back in the summer of 2018, we came across “Stuck“, the new LP from this fella – we fell hard for it. Then we heard his work with RVA legend Ohbliv (see video below). Then we heard his “Gold Mine” collection of hoarded gems. Then we lucked out by tracking him down & booking him for this show.

  • SET: 920P
  • SOUND: Futuristic bossanova via sassy electronic pop
  • RIYL: Cocteau Twins, Beach House, Tamaryn
  • HOMEBASE: Hudson NY
  • WHY THEM? Whenever Disney gets around to booking sightseeing tours of the solar system, this band will be what you will hear in the cabin. Completely entrancing…and then, there’s the light show. We’re not overshooting when we claim you’ve never seen anything like it (unless you saw them at the Ellington earlier this year).

  • SET: 1015P
  • SOUND: The voice of an angel
  • RIYL: Rufus Wainwright, Antony & The Johnsons
  • HOMEBASE: Towson MD
  • WHY HIM? Like so many folks tucked into various corners of Lynchburg, we were blessed to witness Jeremiah’s development at close range for a few years. In 2017, we released Jeremiah’s first EP & caught lightning in a proverbial bottle at the release show. With his journey taking him from one height to the next, we’re honored to have him grace the Academy Warehouse Theater stage once again!