L.A. Dies: “Drifting Still

  • Tracked across two sessions in Richmond by Allen Bergendahl (March 2019)
  • Special Guest Joshua Quarles on cello (“Feels Really Small”, “Fathoms”, “Circle”)
  • Mastered by Andrew Horton from Good Glass Records (Jeremiah Lloyd Harmon, Joy Electric)

FFO: Middle Kids, “Lost Friends“; DIIV, “Oshin“; The Cranberries, “No Need To Argue

Drifting Still” showcases the same sonic maturity that the band has been hinting at shows for most of 2019. They’ve put aside the bubbly, bright youthfulness of their early work, replacing it with an ambitious focus on the relationship to change. Lyrically, the album plays out in what could be a series of dream sequences that accept the unknown. The desire to learn from the past’s dark places holds equal priority with a desire to craft a life greater than simple adult complacency.

While I sleep soundly the world shifts around me from underneath. And when I wake I’m invisible to it…”

Home Safe

The first time we caught this act perform live, two words came into frame: “potential” & “commitment”. While their path continued to cross with some of our acts, those two words kept coming to mind. As they self-produced a couple releases & figured out how to book their own tours around the eastern US, it became apparent that we should look at working together. After their 2018 set on our stage at the annual local music festival, we took the plunge, signing this four-piece. A year later, we are beyond thrilled to present the new full length from Lynchburg’s L.A. Dies to the world!

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